Life’s Great Mysteries

As a supremely mature collective here at TGO, there is one thing most all of us love. Cartoons. I know personally, my tv habits break down into two categories. Dick and fart joke cartoons and bingo hall wrestling. 

We are living in an age filled with wonderful choices for dick and fart joke cartoons. It’s an endless sea of animated filth. 
Sometimes writing these posts, you reveal things about yourself that YOU weren’t even aware of. The other day I made two references to being attracted to Count Chocula in the same post. 

I wasn’t even aware of my repressed homosexual feelings for him. This got me thinking. If I could go gay for just one cartoon who would it be. 

How about the guys reading this. Any of these studs make your dong throb?

What about you gals reading this

Do one of these babes tickle your fancy?
After a lot of consideration, I have figured out my answer. Sorry Count Chocula, the cartoon I’d go gay for is: 

Tad Ghostal 
How about you?  What cartoon would you go gay for TGO?