Million Dollar Idea

Today I bring you a revolutionary idea. One that may change the course of the human race. 

I don’t know about you, but I love shooting loads. I shoot them at people. Into socks. At the dog. Into the night sky. Everywhere. Hot loads. 

But after a while it gets mundane 

What bores me the most is the color. Off white? Egg shell?  Whatever you call it, I call it DULL. That’s the way God wanted it I guess. 

But what if I told you it didn’t have to be that way?  You have options. 

From the makers of The Be Dazzler

I introduce a mind blowing new product. 

Want to add a little spark back in your load?

Well my friends, you’re in luck. I present to you 

Jizz Jazz. Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!  Just take one pill a day 

Jizz Jazz will make shooting your load fun again 

Jizz Jazz changes the color of your semen to one of several exciting colors 

Just think of all the possibilities. The next time you give someone a facial, it will be a work of art. 

But what about the stale flavor?  Jizz Jazz has you covered. Each pill contains flavor enhancers. They will make your spunk taste just like these classics

Jizz Jazz is not available in stores. Call our hotline 1800-EAT-COCK and ask about our multi packs and auto ship options. Don’t go another day shooting boring white loads when you can be the hit of the party. 

JIZZ JAZZ! Put some Funk in your Spunk