• Bulgingsnake

    I’m hurting real bad honey. Are you going to suck on my dong tonight?

  • Steve

    Does he even have any fans anymore?

    • One Mat Gang

      Not too many left now. I think Trumps music has gone steadily down hill since his first album

      • RockMomster


      • Steve

        At the time, it was really huge, as I recall.

    • Raythedevil

      Only the ones he buys at the store.

  • Mr. Perfect

    I’d stick my dick down Eminem’s daughter’s throat.

  • Beastly beast

    It’s too bad eminems lyrics have gotten so damn weak.

    This comes off as an old man in a young mans game desperately trying to find something to rap about since his geriatric ass can’t rap about the kids on his multi million dollar lawn.

    • holybagpipes
      • Beastly beast


        That’s Eminem in the middle of his rehab stint.

        What a sad little bitch!

      • holybagpipes

        You can’t see it in the pic. But he’s gonna get interrupted by Kanye on a wheelchair.

    • RockMomster

      Why you hating on em?

      • Beastly beast

        Because he is a trend setter… not a trend follower.

        Eminem doing this is kinda like seeing Tool do a show with Taylor Swift.

        It’s dissappointing.

      • RockMomster

        I don’t think he’s trying to follow a trend when he’s notoriously mouthed off about anything that pissed him off. If rage against the machine did this I bet you would feel differently lol

      • Beastly beast

        Oh if Rage did this I’d think it was typical Rage.

        It’s a few different things. I know em gets crap on how he raps about women and he was probably looking for a different way to go about finding an “outlet”.

        And em did this kinda crap for bush too, that’s true.

        But I honestly don’t like entertainers dealing in politics unless they have some kind of message of substance.

        I wouldn’t call say this has much substance.

        Eddy Vedder gets on my last nerve with his politics. It’s why Pearl Jam is my least favorite grunge band for instance.

        With everyone at each other throats there are few ways to get away from politics…. entertainment at this point in time should be bringing people together. Instead they are making things worse.

        I find stuff like this annoying and cheapI guess.

  • holybagpipes

    I don’t know if this counts as a song. Would’ve killed Slim Shady to add a cow bell to all that?

    • Beastly beast

      How fucking sad is a rapper RECORDING a “freestyle” ahead of time?

      You know what that is?

      A rapper writing a song ahead of time, skipping the whole music part and then shoot a music video where he acts like he is making it all up while waving his hands around like a dumbass.

      And then CALLING it a freestyle.

      This is a sad day… Eminem used to be good…. but that day has passed.

      • holybagpipes

        Yeah Encore was the best album I’ve ever heard. I used to remember buying and playing it after school was out.

        It’s more like a rant video. This is Eminem we’re talking about which took rap in a different direction and now he’s….. ranting.

        Rap used to be good back then but now it’s a joke. The only modern rap group I listen to is Death Grips since I still can’t make out what the hell those lyrics mean.

      • Beastly beast

        It’s all about the image now. They are in their “hair metal” period when it’s all flash and no substance.

        Which means there is gonna be one rapper that comes out the blue and wipes these clowns out overnight like nirvana did to glam metal.

      • holybagpipes

        Seeing them dress like strippers on stage, I totally get that.

        I dunnow who that someone is, but he better hurry his a$$ up. Also do you listen to Dance with the Dead?

      • Beastly beast

        No, never heard of them. Actually I think entertainment could do with a shake up in general. I’d like to hear some badass new bands. And they are out there. You just gotta look for them.

      • holybagpipes

        Yeah, the underground scene is doing pretty well nowadays and it might lead to a renaissance that we totally need right now.

        If you like 80s synth mixed with metal you can check them out!

  • mikezippy

    He’s out making publicity cause he has a new album coming out…..I think…probably.

  • I have the same bday as him which is Oct 17th. Should I make a rap video?