I have arrived at the venue. A cozy dump named Mohawk Place. Named after the road it’s located on. 

The opening band is a local group named Malarchuk. Named after Clint Malarchuk. The goalie for the Buffalo Sabres hockey team that took a skate to the neck and nearly died skating off the ice

They’re psychedelic heavy blues.  They use a lot of tempo changes in each song to give them a unique take on the sound. 

The next band was Jaye Jayle. They have a very hypnotic sound. Different, for sure. Watched them for a few minutes, then went outside to get prepared for Pelican 

 ​All primed up. Time for the main event. 

The Mighty Pelican. It has been 12 years since they toured the east coast US. It was worth the wait ​

Good beers, good friends, and great music. One hell of a Tuesday night. This is just the start of my Rock n Roll ​week. I have a trip into Canada on Saturday. Hopefully my neck is healed up by then to do some more serious head banging. Stay Saucy TGO!