Now that the last trailer for The Last Jedi is available its time for everyone to start over analyzing every little thing in the trailer. Luke’s quote from the photo you see attached was one of the more interesting. He said that he had seen Rey’s raw strength once before and it didn’t scare him enough then, but it did now. Luke has met many different force users over the course of his lifetime so there are several possible characters that he could be talking about with this comment. Do you have any idea who he could be referencing? Here is my list of potential candidates.

Kylo Ren


He is probably currently the easiest answer. A lot of Luke’s conflict with his nephew still remains a mystery but being a third generation force user probably means that Kylo Ren has a lot of amazing abilities. We saw him stopping the blaster bolt in the Force Awakens which we’ve never seen before. Luke got the chance to work with him first hand and witness his power. Its a good chance that he has the strength. Of the list of candidates Kylo Ren is probably the right answer.



Whether Luke or Snoke have any history or not we don’t know. It could be possible that he was there when Luke’s new Jedi Temple was destroyed and burned. It also looks from the new trailer that Luke was there during the event and was left to die by whoever destroyed it. Kylo Ren is the likely culprit, but he probably did so under Snoke’s guidance. Snoke could have displayed some abilities that Luke had never seen before if he was present during the destruction. It may be a bit of a long shot, but it makes sense for Snoke to be strong with the force.



Palpatine is another likely candidate as Luke saw first hand how strong Palpatine was and the quote “it didn’t scare me then” makes sense because Luke was fairly confident and set in his ways during his moments with Palpatine. He did end up coming out on top with help from his dad but there is a chance that Palpatine had the power Luke is speaking of.

Darth Vader


Anakin Skywalker was believed to be the chosen one when he first joined the Jedi and whether he ever really reached his potential strength remains unknown. Whether he was really more powerful than Palpatine is hard to say. George Lucas used to say that Anakin/Vader was the strongest force user who ever lived, but was also known to say the same thing about Luke who was OP as fuck in the old EU.

Obi Wan Kenobi


This one is another long shot but I thought it was possible. Obi Wan was the guy who got Luke involved in the conflict more than 30 years before. Luke joined Obi Wan or Ben in the fight without much delay, but its possible now that he regrets his role in the Galactic Civil War and becoming a Jedi. Luke didn’t appear to be scared when he first got involved but he appears to be now.

Princess Leia


Again, another stretch here, but we’ve wondered why Leia never became a Jedi. It could be possible that she had power that would rival Luke’s or possibly better it as Leia is arguably the stronger character without the force taken into account. We do know from some of the canon material that Luke made an attempt to train Leia but her role in politics and becoming a mother obstructed her chances of becoming a true Jedi. It could also be possible that Leia is a lot stronger than Luke expected and he wasn’t able to train her. I think this would be a cool way to go, but I don’t expect it.

Who do you think Luke is referencing in the quote from The Last Jedi?