Reports have emerged about a wrap party on the Han Solo set that was called a “little premature” by one of the stunt workers. Ron Howards film supposedly has roughly about another week of production but the party was thrown a little early so some of cast who are already finished could move on to other projects. Some other rumors have been swirling around the film, which is roughly 7 months away from release this May.

Lucasfilm has really hit home the fact that this film is still technically untitled but some sources say that Solo is likely to be the formal title which will be followed by the A Star Wars Story subtitle. Most of the crew have been wearing clothes that bear the title and I don’t think anyone is suspecting any surprises.

Sources also claim that the first teaser trailer for the film has already been completed but no one has any idea when the trailer will drop. November seems like a reasonable time so it can be shown ahead of The Last Jedi without really getting in the way of the marketing push.

I’m really excited to see a trailer for this film because a good one would really help to restore some faith in a film that some fans never wanted in the first place.