• It was normally three times. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Then I got a little to ambitious and tried to replace my fingers with a pogo stick. Mom was in a coma for 3 weeks after that one.

    • Bulgingsnake


    • One Mat Gang

      Once they’re in a coma, that’s when the real fun begins

  • One Mat Gang

    Bottom hole fingering is saved for special occasions. We all gather around moms ass for Thanksgiving and Valentines Day and finger blast away as a family.

  • RockMomster

    Black Yoda is always right

  • Mr. Perfect

    Never, but I fingered Snake’s mom’s bottomhole while I ate my Lucky Charms this morning.
    Then I licked my finger clean. It was magically delicious.

    • Raythedevil

      I don’t know, that sounds a little sticky.

  • Raythedevil

    I don’t…I have thought of stirring her ashes with my dick a few times though.

  • holybagpipes

    I’ve honestly stopped counting.

  • Dr. Akula

    My mom stopped drilling wells a long time ago, so not much, anymore.