George Lucas caused some isolation from his fans with all the ridiculous changes that he made in the Star Wars films during each re-release. Every time the films landed on another format there would be new changes that can honestly ruin my enjoyment of the movies (at least a little). Some are better than others. There are some that I can even say I prefer. I’m one of the pricks that prefer John Williams music Victory Celebration instead of Yub Nub. The upgrades that Lucas added Bespin looked pretty good in most spots, but the huge dino blocking the camera in A New Hope didn’t really need to be there.

In my opinion, the most brutal change comes in my personal favorite Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi with the Max Rebo band’s performance of this ridiculous song called Jedi Rocks. The lyrics are in an alien language so it get ridiculous enough there but the terribly dated CGI creatures makes it that much harder to take now.

Max Rebo made his best appearance in one of the Robot Chicken Star Wars specials. I don’t know why but his voice makes me laugh my ass off.

Is Jedi Rocks the worst of George Lucas’ changes?