It’s a Liberalpalooza!

Today we salute those free thinking, wild and wandering spirits.  

Whenever I need my liberal fix, I just light up my “peace fire” and wait for them to come dancing my way. 
I smell patchouli oil and clove cigarettes, they must be close now.  Oh goodie here they are!

I’m glad they could follow the cloud of toxic smoke to my property. Maybe I should invite them inside. Show them around the homestead. 

Hey Mr. Liberal, wanna see my gun collection? Check it out, maaan!

I just knew it would blow your mind. 

Real quick. I got an important message 

In case you can’t read, I’ll give you sign language 

Thanks for stopping by, sorry you have to run. It’s feeding time and I just released the dogs. 

See ya later scaredy cat!

It’s a Liberalpalooza  

  • One Mat Gang

    I’m kidding. Let’s all form a drum circle for Mother Earth!

  • I love nature!! I recycle and I always leave it better than I found it (that applies to sex too)

    • One Mat Gang

      I love nature too. And I collect garbage. Plus I’ve been told I’m a the best two minutes in town. What does this have to do with potato?

      • Burning tires is a great way to recycle

    • Raythedevil


      • these recycled condoms are great for the environment but not so great at preventing pregnancy..

      • Every picture you put up as an avatar looks great – you must be a doll in real life…

      • thank you Vampire Jesus!!

        pics can be touched up a bit..I’d say I’m a Midwest 6 and a LA 3

      • Raythedevil

        Washington state gives you an 8, it’s the same upside down for all the clumsy chicks.

      • One Mat Gang
      • Master Shake

        I could strangle her all night.

      • I could think of other things to do, rather than that.

      • One Mat Gang

        Exactly. Like knit an Afghan. Or play Scrabble.

      • Or have her give me a hand welding my old Chrysler… she could change the settings on the MIG welder and hand me tools as I needed them…

      • Master Shake

        Like drinking her blood? Sicko.

      • Well, it’s what Vampire Jesus does – but only a little – Autumn would make a great vampiress!

      • Raythedevil

        Or horrible diseases…please make sure you’re safe.

  • Mr. Perfect

    We’re not getting political here are we?
    I’m purposely avoiding the political channels lately because of all of the assholes.

    • One Mat Gang

      This is satire. I’m actually banging a goat right now to film it for tomorrow’s Conservativapalooza

      • Mr. Perfect

        I once saw a conservative buttfuck a liberal while the liberal sang ‘God Bless The U.S.A’.

      • One Mat Gang

        I would have loved to taken a ride on that red white and blue train

    • Sounds like a great plan; I’m doing the same…

  • One Mat Gang

    I hope everyone’s panties get twisted over this. That’s what TGO is about. Twisting Panties! We laugh at everything. Yesterday I made a jail rape cartoon. I didn’t hear any complaints. Are we all pro jail rape then? There is no agenda on my part other than freedom for stupid humor of all kinds

    • Jerry Eldini

      The more twisted the better!!! This is TGO motherfuckers, not your mommas diaper changing station! LOLz

  • Jerry Eldini

    Liberals like cloves? I thought they were afraid of smoking. Back in the 80s smoking cloves was always a good way to meet chicks. Either they would ask you for one if you were smoking them or you could ask them for one. Mostly new wave and punker chicks though. Ahhh punker chicks, nothin like a tight little chartreuse or hot pink landing strip!!