Today we salute those free thinking, wild and wandering spirits.  

Whenever I need my liberal fix, I just light up my “peace fire” and wait for them to come dancing my way. 
I smell patchouli oil and clove cigarettes, they must be close now.  Oh goodie here they are!

I’m glad they could follow the cloud of toxic smoke to my property. Maybe I should invite them inside. Show them around the homestead. 

Hey Mr. Liberal, wanna see my gun collection? Check it out, maaan!

I just knew it would blow your mind. 

Real quick. I got an important message 

In case you can’t read, I’ll give you sign language 

Thanks for stopping by, sorry you have to run. It’s feeding time and I just released the dogs. 

See ya later scaredy cat!

It’s a Liberalpalooza