Robert Plant has been labeled as the guy who has been holding up a potential Led Zeppelin for quite a while. The legendary vocalist has declined several huge offers to join Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones once again for a tour around the world. In some ways I can respect Plant for not giving in to the huge payday but I’d love to have the opportunity to see Zep live. Even if they are almost 70 years old by the time I see them.

Led Zeppelin have reunited over the years for one time performances of which eventually got forgotten. The bands performance at Live Aid was plagued by little rehearsal time with the replacement drummers and in 1988 Plant and Jimmy Page couldn’t stop fighting for long enough to play a good show but they redeemed themselves in 2007 when they came together with John Bonham’s son Jason on drums for a reunion concert in memory of the head of Atlantic Records. The performance was extensive, covering a lot of the band’s career and it was praised by fans. Page attempted then to bring the band back together for a full tour of the world but Plant refused in favor of touring behind a duet album he released with Alison Krauss. The live album released of the concert won a Grammy years later (the only one Zep ever won). Page, Jones and Bonham originally decided to carry on without Plant in a new band. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge are two singers that apparently auditioned for the project that was eventually abandoned and everyone involved seems to be fairly hush hush about the whole audition process as a whole. Kennedy did confirm years later that the project would not be Led Zeppelin but a new band entirely and that there was some original material that was jammed that would probably never see the light of day.

Jimmy Page has been gung ho to reunite for quite a while. A lot of Page’s work over the past 20-25 have been projects connected to Led Zeppelin. Plant and Page teamed up for a small project in the 90s the produced two albums and before that Page formed a group with Deep Purple/Whitesnake singer David Coverdale and they performed a lot of Led Zeppelin songs while on tour. Coverdale being obviously inspired by Plants vocals. Page also released a live album where he teamed up with the Black Crowes for two nights of Led Zeppelin covers.

Plant has been consistently releasing solo albums, many of which have gone platinum. The longest break between studio albums has been 9 years during the time he released two with Jimmy Page. I’m not going to knock his solo work although I’ll admit I haven’t listened to anywhere near all of it. I did pick up Lullaby and the Ceaseless Roar in 2014 and I really really like that album. Plants new album Carry Fire will hit shelves tomorrow that was what inspired this. Plant’s motivation for obstructing a reunion has been because he wants to focus on the future, but there are a lot of moments where he contradicts himself. He puts out great work with his solo stuff but then goes on tour and plays a lot of Zeppelin with his solo bands. Why not just get the Zeppelin members in on it?

When Jimmy Page started to remaster the original Led Zeppelin albums a few years ago he seemed anxious to bring Zep back again but once again Plant refused which even resulted in Jimmy Page getting a little fed up publically. Which Plant responded by saying Page was cranky and needed a good nap.

Frankly I’m not 100% set in my ways. I don’t think a Led Zeppelin reunion is completely necessary but it would be so special to see. This era seems so set in nostalgia and Led Zeppelin reuniting could help build on that trend. We all know that a tour would be a massive success, but its getting to the point where its not going to be an option for much longer. I really don’t care about getting any new material from them, I’d just like to see them come out and play again because we all now that any new songs aren’t going to measure up to the quality of the original 8 Led Zeppelin albums. Both Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are getting into their 70s now. Page has claims he has interest in touring with a whole new backing band with material that stretches over his whole career. Page has been talking about this project as far back as 2014 and there has even been some talk about it recently, but it never seemed to go anywhere. Page’s intentions seem to be similar to what Slash was doing before Guns N’ Roses reunited last year.

Do you think that a Led Zeppelin should happen? At this point I don’t think it will happen. Have you had the fortune of seeing the band? I’m sure most of us are too young to see them in their hey day which ended back in 1980 with the death of John Bonham.