A TCM happened tonight

After work I decided to take a much-needed poop. While sitting on the porcelain throne, I decide to whip out my phone to check out TGO. I was delighted to see a classic bulging  “click to see” post. It went well with the meatball sub I had earlier today…

I digress. Upon arriving home after my dump, I quickly realized I left my phone in the handicap stall of Walmart bathroom at the back of the store!!! I was petrified. I rushed back to Walmart to discover my phone was gone! I was devastated…Someone had stolen my phone…

However, that was not the case! I soon discovered a good Samaritan found my phone and gave it to the Walmart lost & found. He could have easily stolen my phone and ripped off all of my dank TGO memes.

Custom Imageftfg-1.jpg

Thank you mysterious stranger. Thank you Tom Cruise for watching over us and keeping my phone and memes safe from Corgans.

Custom Imageejeje-1