Beetlejuice is one of the more beloved films in the Tim Burton catalogue. Its a must watch every Halloween and its one of those 80s films that you can find on cable consistently. Michael Keaton made a pretty big impact as Beetlejuice who wasn’t on the screen for much more than 10 minutes. The former Batman has reunited with Tim Burton on the live action version of Disney’s Dumbo and now it looks like a Beetlejuice 2 could be a possibility.

Mike Vukadinovich is writing the script for this new sequel. He’s been responsible for a few minor projects including Rememory this year which started Peter Dinklage. I’m sure the film still isn’t really in active development but Burton and Keaton must finally want to give it a shot. A Beetlejuice 2 has been in development hell for decades as a sequel Beetlejuice goes Haiwaiian was scheduled fairly quickly after the success of the original but faded as years went by. I’m sure this new script will have nothing to do with that idea.

I’m hoping this film starts off with Beetlejuice still sitting in the waiting room for the last 30 years. Would you be interested in Beetlejuice 2?