Is it just me, or does it seem you spend as much time fixing your car as driving the damn thing?  So far on Hick Fix we have covered most of the basics. Knobs and window cranks, air conditioning, headlights, exhaust repairs, and engine work. Today we tackle one repair that always happens at the worst possible time

Tire repairs

Every time I’m doing 80 mph with a meth lab in the trunk. BAM! There goes a tire. I always kick each tire before I go on a drive. That’s the only way to check a tire. That kick trick works for most things. So….if that fails, first try to repair the tire

There is a chance this will get you home. Or to the bar for a quick beer and a shot to show all your buddies your handy work. Then drive home to replace the tire. 

But what if I don’t have tape to fix my tire? Do I call for roadside assistance?

What? You getting smart with me boy?!?

Never call for assistance. Most of your friends and family are probably too drunk to drive, or they won’t really help. They just watch you do the work and criticize everything you do. Or worse yet, after they watch you struggle, they tell you a super easy way you COULD OF done it!

Anywho…now you get inventive. Find a way to drive your vehicle home

Anything with wheels will work. Shopping cart, wheelchair, wheelbarrow, kids bike. Whatever you can russle up and make it happen. 

Ok, so now you are back home. Works not done. We need a permanent fix. 

First, check out back and see if you have the same size tire with some tread left on it. You never throw anything away, so there’s a couple laying around
Bummer! You checked every one of those suckers. Not a One will fit. 

Aaah geez! Time to buy a new tire I guess!

I’m gunna slap the piss out of you for talking like that!  Never let the voices in your head tell you to buy something. You have a pea sized brain! Use the damn thing. 

Not too bad. But do you think you can outrun the cops on a caster?  Yeah maybe. 

Come on you got this. You fix everything. Look around you. AAAH HAAA! Inspiration strikes

Last week you broke the push mower riding it down that hill. And you made a fancy tire for that. Bingo!

Now that is a Hick F….wait a minute. You decided you could do one better?  Let’s have a look see,

BY GAWD! You did it. All four tires replaced with wagon wheels. Now that’s redneck ingenuity. 

And that’s my Hick Fix of the Day. 

Tell me about your blowouts TGO!