King Buffalo/ Elder @ The Velvet Underground in Toronto Saturday October 14th

Tomorrow,  after nearly ten years, I’m making a return trip to Toronto to see some live music. Last time it was quite an adventure just getting there. It’s about a three hour car ride north across the Canadian border. I was able to find a hotel room right near the venue where the bands are playing. It’s rated 1 star and located in Chinatown. So my hopes are high for a quality establishment. 

One band playing is from Rochester, NY, only 1 hour away from me. I haven’t had a chance to see them yet. They are King Buffalo 

King Buffalo play a mix of hard rock and blues, infused with psychedelic flourishes. They have found the “green button”. Their music has a narcotic effect. King Buffalo are either the chillest heavy rock band or the heaviest chill rock band I’ve ever heard. It’s quite impressive to be able to pull off. Here is the song Orion. Give it a listen 

The headliner is Elder, from Boston, Massachusetts. They formed as a three piece band and played straightforward metal. Their first album was a concept record about Conan. But over the course of the next couple albums, they expanded their sound. Went away from rough vocals and doom metal tendencies. Elder became a monster all their own. This year they released Reflections of a Floating World, their 5th album. The band added a  second guitarist/ multi instrumentalist to really broaden their sound. Now you can hear keys or lap steel in the mix. There is also a looseness to the music that wasn’t there at the start. Check out the song Blind off their latest record 

Reflections of a Floating World is my pick for Album of the Year so far. This should be a mind bending night of killer music. 

The only downside to the event is that all party favors have to stay at home. Pesky boarder agents love to get elbow deep in my ass. So, if there is anyone who lives near Toronto that wants to help me with my glaucoma medication, I will buy you a ticket to the show and give you rare TGO merchandise I have laying around my office. What a deal!!!

Time to  take this shit show on the road! I’ll hopefully have a night of debauchery to report about. Stay Saucy TGO