First Ever Transgender Playboy Playmate

Playboy has announced that it will feature a transgender model as it’s Playmate. 

Ines Rau will grace the cover and have a centerfold pictorial. Rau previously posed for a May 2014 issue. 

Ines Rau isn’t the first transgender model to be photographed for Playboy. In 1991, Caroline Cossey, who appeared in a James Bond movie, was photographed for the magazine. 

Anyone wondering what Ines Rau looks like   can check out this recent photo

Here is her former dick. What a beautiful dick it was too. When asked about the historic photo shoot we got these comments 

It’s painful in some ways to watch Ines Rau have this success. We were once very attached. But those days are behind us. Ines has a new fake vagina and tits to play with. I must have been holding her back from her dream of being a pretend woman, and I wish her the best in all her future endeavors.”

I’m glad her former penis isn’t bitter about being cut off and cast away. Have you ever cut your penis off for any reason TGO? Will you fap to the tranny porn when the issue is published?