Boys in Blue

Most people don’t like suprise visits. I know I don’t. Especially from the police. Saturday morning, I was preparing to leave for a bike ride. A County Sheriff pulled in my driveway. So I walked over and met him at his car. He got out and immediately asked

“How well do you know your neighbor?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond. I know my neighbor somewhat well. We get together and drink or shoot guns a few times a year. Good people. But I also don’t know him that well. And I don’t trust cops or squeal on my neighbors. So I played dumb and said 

“I don’t know them too well, we keep to ourselves”

For all I knew my neighbor was a psycho and had women tied up in his basement. I didn’t want to involve myself if he was in trouble.  Then the cop tells me. 

“I was here for a reference check, he applied for his pistol permit” 

Maybe he should have lead with this information. I replied 

“Oooh John is a great guy. He is a responsible guy and gun owner”

The cop gets a funny look on his face and says

I thought you kept to yourself. When I pulled in you knew nothing. Now he is a great guy “

“I’m no rat. Around here we stick together. Next time you should announce your intentions immediately” 

He was not amused. So in honor of Officer Dickhead we salute our Boys in Blue

Break out the handcuffs and night stick, it’s Gay Sunday!