Epic Showdowns 

It seems as of late there has been a cycle going on in the world. Each new week brings one of three things. A sex scandal, a mass shooting, or a music icon dies.

If you follow the rotation, celebrity death is next up. So, here is my list of potential next deaths, with their age

  1. Bob Dylan- 76
  2. Jerry Lee Lewis- 82
  3. Willie Nelson- 80
  4. Mick and Keith- 214 
  5. Little Richard- 84 
  6. Ozzy- 68 
  7. Bono- Gay69

Which musician do you predict will be the next one to die? I’m pulling for Bono. How about you?

  • I’ll say Little Richard just because there are a lot of people from his era dying now. Willie, Keith and Ozzy have basically proved to be invincible.

  • One Mat Gang

    That’s a pretty good bet. I was surprised he was still alive to be honest.

  • UilickMcGee

    I think it’s going to be a total left-hook. Lawrence Fishburne.
    Debbie Harry.
    Kurt Russell.

    These of course after the Spacey in-car suicide.

  • One Mat Gang

    You may be right. I hope it’s not Kurt

  • Hub Bub

    Willie is only 80? He looks way older good for him. I thought he was closer to 90.

  • One Mat Gang

    He is smoked like jerky. He can last forever

  • One Mat Gang

    Bono isn’t 69. I just think of two guys blowing each other when I see Bono

  • Steve Bashakis

    Bono. No question.

  • One Mat Gang

    Let’s all pray for Bono’s death