It’s a Tom Cruise Miracle

Sometimes there is Karmic justice in the world. Last week, Edgar Collaguazo, 44, plunged to his death out of the 4th floor window of New York City apartment.

Edgar rents a room in his apartment to another family. This family was throwing a birthday party for their 6 year old son. After the party, he offered to let two children watch a movie in his room while the adults partied. The boys mother saw her daughter leave the room with a strange look on her face. When she went to the room to see what was happening, she witnessed Edgar molesting her son. She yelled, then the men at the party entered the room and began beating him. They locked him in the room and called the police.

Edgar tried to climb out his window to escape, but slipped and landed on an iron security fence below, then bounced to the sidewalk

He would die at the hospital of his injuries a short time later. While it is horrible what he did to that boy, at least he got his just dues. It’s good to see trash take itself out.

  • The fact that he didn’t die instantly is sort of reliving. He had to feel some pain

  • One Mat Gang

    Yeah, the only way this could have ended better was if he impaled himself on the fence and slowly died. POS

  • Bulgingsnake

    That’s a peculiar way to exit a building.

  • One Mat Gang

    I’m not sure what fire guy is all about. But he appears to be in a hurry. I’d use the stairs

  • Mr. Perfect

    That gif is epic.

  • Dave79

    Perv kebabs!

  • Dave79

    Oh, darn. I read it wrong. Thought he DID spike the fence. Rats!

  • One Mat Gang
  • One Mat Gang

    Unfortunately not

  • Dave79

    Ya gotta practice on door knobs before moving to the big leagues pal.

  • Dr. Akula

    That’s called taking the fire exit

  • One Mat Gang

    Big Time!

  • Raythedevil

    Tried and convicted by the highest court?

  • MacKrable

    Cluster fvck of alleged humanity..