Netflix has a plethora of Hindi movies for my Bollywood fix. I just finished Apartment: Rent at your own risk. Fantastic! It was Single White Female… but with hotter chicks and more singing.




For some the singing and dancing –even in a psychological thriller –is a turn off. I absolutely love it. To me it draws on the old Hollywood nostalgia…reminiscent of the “Singing in the rain” and “My Fair Lady” types.


Visually Bollywood is a color orgy for your brain.



This is especially interesting when juxtaposed with dark content like “Trip to Bhangarh: Asia’s Most Haunted Place”.



Bright colors, singing, dancing, horror, death.



The clothing worn in these films could have their own films. Traditional Indian wear, modern, a mix of the two, creates styles that are gorgeous and exciting.


Okay they can’t all be winners






So much variety. Over the top nonstop Bollywood has all your entertainment needs covered!!!!