Released 1989

Starring Hulk Hogan and Tiny Lister

Here is the original trailer


Hulk Hogan is the WWF World Champion. But his name is Rip Taylor.

He is a big draw on network TV. A new hot head channel owner wants to get Rip to wrestle on his network.

But he refuses so the guy sends his goons after Hulk, I mean Rip. He Rips those goons up and makes a guy shit himself.

So hot shot producer sends a lovely lady to seduce Rip

But she falls in love and tells Rip the whole story. Meanwhile, hot shot starts his own fight club. And he has found a giant man with a giant unibrow and is cross eyed to be his champion. His name is Zeus

Rips brother and his buddy go to check out Zeus fight at a warehouse. Rips Brothers buddy let’s it slip that they know Rip. Zeus beats the shit out of Little Rip.

Then they go to a charity event that Rip is hosting with the kids

They insult Rip and his stupid brother. Zeus challenges Rip to a fight

Of course Rip accepts the challenge. He is a real American, brother! The Ripster battles Zeus in an epic match. In the end Hip Hogan, I mean Rock Taylor is triumphant.

This movie is life changing. The plot is amazing. The actors are top notch. And the soundtrack will get you grooving in your seat. I give this movie THREE bloody eyes