• Bulgingsnake

    Probably Clerks

  • One Mat Gang

    I can’t think of many besides Clerks that I watch. Some of the classic horror movies and Twilight Zone maybe Ed Wood.

  • Mr. Perfect

    Clerks, motherfuckers.
    Any movie where someone warns one of the other characters to try not to suck any dick while crossing the parking lot fine by me.

  • One Mat Gang

    My girlfriend sucked 57 dicks.
    In a row?

  • Mr. Perfect
  • Trubadhour

    It’s a toss up between “5 graves to Cairo” & “Sunset Boulevard”.

  • mikezippy

    Mad Max and Logan both have black white versions.

  • One Mat Gang

    37. My bad

  • Steve Bashakis

    I’m too film shallow to enjoy old films unless they are horror movies and I don’t really have a favorite. For me it would be modern films and would be sort of a tie between paths of glory by Stanley Kubrick or rumble fish by Coppola.

  • UilickMcGee

    Ed Wood

  • Good one, would’ve never thought of that one.

  • NotSoBlah

    Animal Crackers