I Signed Up For BeTheMatch!

There is a local boy a year older than my little guy who needs a match to survive. His parents and grandparents have been throwing big events to get people swabbed in bulk trying to save this poor child’s life. I felt compelled to try. I’m not sure why anyone who fits the requirements to be a donor doesn’t. I can’t imagine my blood being able to save someone’s life and not doing it. So… I went on to the website and filled out my info, got my swab kit in the mail a week later and I mailed it back immediately. I’ve been literally praying that I get a call saying that I am a match for this child.. any child.. anyone who is in that unfortunate situation. I can’t imagine.

Maybe roll the idea around TGO… If you are between 18 and 44 and in decent health I believe you can sign up to the registry. Why not?