Life Lessons I learned from Video Games

Video games are mostly mind numbing bs I use to escape the shitty reality that is sobriety but there are some games that do have an important message.


Dashin Desperadoes for Sega 1993. The start of this game is two guys (Rick or Will) who have the hots for the same blonde chick (Jenny….did you just hear that name with Forrest’s voice?) She will give up the pussy but only to the fastest man.


dd04 (1)


These guys savagely electrify, ice, bomb, and barbell the hell out of each other while Jenny watches and waits at the end for the winner.



After playing this game for a few hours straight through with no save points (like a god damn bad ass you kids with your auto saves will never be) We reach the end of the game and the final cut scene.


Who wins Jenny?


Will and Rick decide she is more trouble than she is worth and ghost her crybaby ass.

GENESIS--Dashin Desperadoes_Jun6 3_05_44

Dashin Desperadoes taught me and every kid who beat it BROS BEFORE HOES!!