Man Buys Dracula Poster For $525,800

Buying movie posters may be more of a business than I expected it to be. For some reason its hard to get your hands on copies of movie posters here in Canada and I’m sure my room would be littered with Star Wars movie posters if I could find them. Its obvious that there are people who have a lot more passion for collecting all things movie related as one man has bought a poster for the classic Dracula movie from 1931 for $525,800.

This poster was reported made the year of the movies release and is one of only 2 known to be in existence. The poster is officially the most expensive movie poster ever purchased.

Dracula was one of the earliest films of the Universal Monster Movie franchise. Some of their more obscure films came earlier and it came out just a few months before Frankenstein. Dracula starred Bela Lugosi as Dracula who appeared with alongside Boris Karloff in a lot of Monster movies in the later years.

Universal has tried to reboot the popular horror franchise after two failed attempts with Dracula Untold and The Mummy Universal may have chosen to give up all together.