All The Money in the World Trailer Featuring Christopher Plummer

Here is the first look at Ridley Scott’s new film All the Money in the World which has now replaced Kevin Spacey with Canadian actor Christopher Plummer. Ridley Scott chose to make a bold move and remove Spacey from the film when allegations came out about some of his misconduct. The clip is short but Plummer manages to pull off the part fairly well with far less prosthetics than Spacey had. Scott’s original choices for Paul Getty was Plummer but Sony wanted a bigger name for the role. Reshoots for the movie began immediately and filming with Plummer may have already wrapped as Scott claimed it would only take about 2 weeks.

Getty is of course one of the most rich people to ever live and this tells the story about him negotiating a random with his grandson’s kidnappers. Despite having “all the money in the world.”

Sony was in the middle of preparing an Oscar campaign for Spacey when the accusations came out. It’ll be interesting if Plummer can generate the same type of attention.