Artist Spotlight: Isaiah Mitchell

Some people are lucky enough to be in one good band in their life. Others are fortunate enough to have two bands. Then there are those Rock and Roll lifers who seem to be in every band under the sun. Today I want to highlight one of the best guitarists playing today, Isaiah Mitchell.

He was born in Texas but moved to San Diego, California as a child. There he formed his first band named Earthless. They are a power trio who play extended blues rock instrumental jams.

Next he put together a band with his wife on keyboards, the psychedelic band named Golden Void. They have a mellow 70’s album rock vibe.

Mitchell would next play in a southern rock inspired band called Dusty Skull.

He joined Howlin’ Rain for their Russian Wilds album

And played in the one-off super group Life Coach

Here is one man, in five different bands that all rock in their own way. Do yourself a favor and check out some or all of this mans musical output. You will find out that their is true talent in the underground rock world that is better than anything mainstream media tries to force feed you as rock music.