Help The Elf!

It’s that time of year… this little jerk is back. The Elf On The Shelf seems like great fun until you’re dead tired.. just hit the pillow.. eyes are starting to shut and FUCK.. you forgot to move the effing elf. So you hop out of bed as fast and quietly as humanly possible and scramble to get the little shitbag  set up somewhere… tomorrow is the big reveal for this year at our house. It took me forever to find him because I didn’t want to put him back in his box.. my son thought he flew away with Santa a year ago! So I hid him in a super secret spot.. So secret that I forgot! ……hours later it all came back to me. I hid him inside of a bed sheet in the very back of our top shelf linen closet in the bathroom. I can’t even see up there without a ladder … he was so safe. Even from me. So I get him down, dust him off and I’ve got no idea what to do with him tonight. So I collected some star wars friends and left him on the kitchen table for our little guy to find in the morning. 

TGO we need your help! I need 24 more ideas for this elf! (Keep in mind, when I bought him I thought I could bend him all around like on Google images… false. There’s no wire inside. I’ll have to do major surgery on him to add wire myself so options are far more limited than I thought)