New Band To Burn One To: Mountainwolf

Every once in a while you find a new band on a whim. I liked the name and cover art for this band and took a chance. Boy am I glad I did.

Mountainwolf is a power trio formed in 2012 by three high school friends from Annapolis, MD. They describe their sound as “psychedelic doom electric groove”.

They combine many different metal and hard rock sub genres. They play everything from slow, bass heavy sludge metal, the dusty grooves of desert rock, trippy blues based retro rock, and angular progressive post metal riffs. Usually all within one song.

This band should appeal to fans of Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Tool, and hard rock music in general. As stated earlier, Mountainwolf doesn’t sit in one place too long.

I enjoy the use of varied vocal styles. They go from clean, passionate vocals, to reverb drenched, to forceful depending on the mood of the music. Here is their sophomore album titled Absinthe Moon

Roll up a fatty, crack a cold brew, sit back and let Mountainwolf take you to the Moon and back.