Evolution Of A Song: Baby Please Don’t Go

Baby Please Don’t Go is one of the most popular songs in blues and rock music. The roots of the song are in 19th century traditional American songs dealing with enslavement and imprisonment. The first known recording was made by Big Joe Williams in 1935

The song was sung from the point of view of a prisoner who is begging his women not to leave him before he is set free.

Baby, Please Don’t Go became a widely popular song and inspired a cover version with each new decade. In the 1950’s Muddy Waters recorded an electric blues version

This amplified version would spawn rock and roll bands to appropriate this song into their sets. Starting in 1964 with the Irish rock band Them, led by a young Van Morrison

Then in 1971 glam rocker Gary Glitter recorded a version

Followed by AC/DC in 1975

And lastly, Aerosmith in 2004

One song has traveled through time and through the hands of many different artists, becoming a musical standard for rock and blues along the way. These are only a few of the recordings of Baby, Please Don’t Go.

What is your favorite version? What versions did I miss?