Working the night shift I generally don’t watch much TV. I have a DVR filled with shows, which mostly consist of dick and fart joke programs and bingo hall wrestling. But there is one show that I watch. My guilty pleasure

The Curse of Oak Island is a show about a treasure hunt on a tiny island off of Nova Scotia. Two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, are leading a team of searchers, looking for a fabled “money pit” where buried treasure was supposedly found 200 years ago

After five seasons, they have yet to find any treasure. Just old wood, spikes, a few coins, and more wood. All while alluding to every possible conspiracy theory there is. The Knights Templar, Pirates, Conquistadors, all rumored to have buried treasure here. Again, it sounds great. But it has been five seasons about drilling holes. But for some ungodly reason, I can’t get enough of this show. It’s less fun than watching paint dry and I am hooked. So tonight I will grab myself a couple beers and some snacks

And watch men dig a hole. What are your guilty pleasure shows?