Just to clarify, an Embargo is a date and time set by a studio that blocks all reviewers from sharing their thoughts until the date has passed. The Embargo can often be a good indicator on how confident a studio is in their product. If the embargo lifts the day of release its often a shitty movie. If it gets released a week beforehand chances are the studio is happy with the film. Star Wars basically has its own set of rules when it comes to embargos because most people want to avoid any spoilers being leaked.

I said a few days ago that The Last Jedi will premiere this Saturday, but all reviewers are forced to keep their mouth shut (outside of social media reactions) until December 12th when the Embargo officially lifts. This is a week from yesterday and 3 days before the full release of the film, obviously early screenings are available on Thursday for the keeners.

So you can expect most major magazines and reviewers to post their reviews by 9am PST on Tuesday. I’d expect most Youtube reviewers to post their thoughts around the same time as well. The Embargo lift is probably a good time to stop looking at Star Wars related sites or chatrooms because there are a endless amount of pieces of shit that want to post spoilers everywhere. I won’t be checking my Disqus notifications because some dickhead will almost certainly post a spoiler in the headline of a discussion. I’ll be sticking with TGO and TGO only after the 9th.