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Now when I slut around liking blogs people can click on my profile and find the most legendary entertainment site of all time!!!




  • Thomas Cruise

    But you really should be. Without it, just think of where we’d be? Google, yahoo, twitter, facebook, and the rest are so literally yesterday. This is what’s hot today and the reason you’ll get laughed at tomorrow for being “old school.” Think about it Ray. Join us in the land of “never fucking enough.” You know you want to!

  • Bulgingsnake

    I agree

  • oh its on now..! =P

  • Raythedevil

    You’re awesome Autumn.

  • Raythedevil

    You should masturbate the black females too.

  • Raythedevil

    I quit smoking 10 years ago, thanks to my friends at TGO and their expertise at time travel.

  • Raythedevil

    ‘Every once in a while’. You look stupid when you say it wrong. Sorry, just quoting a movie (I can’t remember which movie it was in).

  • Raythedevil

    Legen….dary!!! I’m not on gravatar though.

  • Bulgingsnake


  • yeah its casual at first..then it becomes a full time dong job

  • Stranger

    No I finished looking at them casually and then looked at some more

  • did you have to take a shame shower? it gets better

  • Stranger

    I got caught looking at pictures of fat dongs on my first day here. Finally found my way home

  • Stranger

    That’s an exceptional pair of black boobies never seen them before.

  • one of us one of us

  • Ciggy Butt Brain

    Do I fuckin’ know you cunt?

  • UilickMcGee

    I don’t fucking know you mate!

  • Mr. Perfect

    You should be smoking more cock!

  • Cool, I’ll have to set this up. Every once and a while we pick up some new commenters though which is nice.

  • Ciggy Butt Brain

    I smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day because of TGO!

  • Mr. Perfect
  • Steve Bashakis

    Bring it!

  • Bulgingsnake

    I’m going to masturbate to some black females!