Quentin Tarantino Trek would be rated R

If Quentin Tarantino’s Trek becomes a reality, things are moving fast for this movie, he wants it to be an R rated movie. A script is being worked on based on his idea. When the script is done it is speculated that if he likes it he may direct the movie.

What do you think of an R rated Trek? Would it be R based on language (which would seem very out of character for a Trek movie)? Can you see Kirk dropping F bombs? Or would this movie more then likely be R based on a dark violent Trek which also seems a bit out of Trek character. It all seems exciting yet weird at the same time. The last Trek movie didn’t meet expectations so the studio and Abrams are looking at ways to breath new life into the series. An R Tarantino movie would be in a bold new direction. However, R movies typically don’t make as much money so it would seem a bit risky for such a franchise.

Tarantino still has to finish up the current movie he is working on so as fast as all this is moving Tarantino wouldn’t be able to direct another movie for probably close to a year or more making the chances of him directing less likely to happen but you never know. The fact it is even being brought up means there still is that slight chance it could happen.

What do you think? I think it is all interesting but still a bit early to get too excited. Tarantino or Abrams have yet to make any announcements so until they say something I’d wait on getting too excited. With all this buzz though I’d expect something to be said soon to confirm or deny the rumors.

  • I think its a pretty ballsy move. Its limiting their audience as Star Trek is a pretty universal property, but if its going to result in a good movie I’m all for it. I’ve only watched the rebooted Trek films and I’ve only seen them once each.

  • It would be better that the current Star Trek, that’s for sure.

    I can see it all now:

    Chekov – go to fucking Warp 8!

    Sulu – stop sucking cock on the bridge!

    Spock – fire photon torpedoes at those fucking Klingon bastards!

  • only if it’s rated r for the inter species space sex and not violence

  • thereforeiam

    I’d buy a ticket to see William Shatner wearing a ball gag getting ass-blasted by hillbilly Klingons.

  • Steve Bashakis

    Definitely. I really hope it’s one of those ones that gets an X rating and then has little bits and pieces surgically removed to bring it down to just under the envelope for an R rating!

  • One Mat Gang

    I assume Tarantino will make a cameo and drop N-bombs toward Worf

  • MacKrable
  • Bulgingsnake


  • Raythedevil

    I would eventually watch it. But I’ll probably do that anyway.

  • Bulgingsnake

    Lazors will kill you every time!


    Like I said, it would be pretentious as shit but probably better than anything that’s come out since Deep Space 9