Gift Of The Day

Hot sauce holsters! Do you have that special someone in your life that you just don’t know how to shop for? Is that friend a very white, semi over weight, middle-aged man with a prescription for antacids? That man nears his very own, imitation leather, embossed,  hot sauce holster… because you never know when you’ll need diarrhea!

Check these babies out:

If it isn’t enough manly to have a hot sauce bar at your gut.. consider adding these to the mix:

Consider the beer fanny for the front..

A Patron holster for the side..

And a drill getup for your doohicky on your other hip..

..its never been easier to transition from work, to lunch, to dinner, to a night cap… 

Don’t forget to load up your man this Christmas! Best yet..

 The bigger he is around.. the more options he has! He could have a full bar at his fingertips! 

If your man isn’t into those… how about a nice spot to hold your emergency canned oysters?

Still no go? You can always stuff that fann full of discrete pocketpussies in the shape of a beer bottle! .. or in the shape of a fish for your sexual outdoorsman! 

You’re welcome TGO!