Move Over Tom Cruise.. It’s A Christmas Miracle

TGO this is a serious post. I know, crazy right? Okay so… what had happened waaaaaas…..

I took the kids to go have pictures taken with Santa today at the local shopping hole… there was no line, I was getting Quinn out of her stroller and Calvin was spying Mr Claus when an older gentleman who apparently overheard my commenting to my son that the prices for photos had gone up a lot this year.. we could only do the one small option. This anonymous man walked over to the sales associate and secretly prepaid for a big $50 print package for us. (I didn’t know this yet). Quinn and Calvin meet Santa,  Q freaks out sitting on his lap.. after a few different seating combinations and a lot of goofy  faces and noises we get a decent (and funny) photo of the kids with Santa. So I step over to the ladies to settle my tab while the kiddos hang with Saint Nick… and they inform me that the random old man prepaid for a large photo pack and that he said Merry Christmas. I literally cried. I know… I’m a dork.. but I totally cried lol. There are some pretty awesome people out there. A little bit of faith restored today. 

I’m never the person those kinds of things happen to.. I’m usually the person that tries to go out of my way for someone else because it’s the kind thing to do. Whether it’s big or small. Kind words, spare change, volunteering at school events, donating stuff randomly for my son’s classroom for kids who don’t have snacks at snack time. That’s the role I’ve always played in th3 scenario even though I’ve never had it to give.. I have always tried to make a difference when I can. Today that happened to me. And I realised that i like being that person who helps.. because if o ever made someone feel as nice as that man made me feel today.. it’s worth every second and cent of it. So, that’s my heartwarming Christmas Miracle story 🙂

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness? If so, what was it?