Liberal of the Day

Turning liberal has been the best two days of my life so far. So much sucking dong. Conservatives are so damn boring

Look at Farmer Joe! Tending to his garden. While all his zombie conservative friends look on. What a LOOOOSER!

Hey Farmer Joe, I don’t need to grow my own crops. I go to The Blue Zen Market and Boutique.

I can get organic avocado salsa for $47 a pound. Beat that Farmer Joe, you piece of shit! Have fun “tending to your sheep”

Back to the task at hand, mocking conservatives, and finding our liberal Of The Day!

Besides farming, conservatives love ATV’s.

Ooooh looks so cool! I’m kidding. I would never get my $300 loafers dirty on that thing. Gawd! Imagine the manicure you’d need.

Well, let’s teach these conservative jerks a lesson. Let’s introduce them to our Liberal Of The Day!!!!

I have been sending that ATV liberal propaganda videos. He discover the joy of ATV on ATV love, and revolted against his conservative slave masters. Bravo Liberal ATV. We salute you.

How have you spread your agenda today TGO? Lies? Brainwashing? Tell me all your secrets.