Disco: Now You Know

Have you ever thought to yourself… self, I want to disco?! Just in case the answer is yes… here is a great tutorial to get you moving in no time. Since this instructor doesn’t speak English I will translate.

Ahhhhhemm. Ok, so. Put on your fanciest pants and danciest shoes. Be very Caucasian. Keep your head and neck stiff but shuffle your feet around. Pro Tip: Before you start your disco inferno.. sit on the toilet until your legs start to fall asleep.. then get up and boogie! Using this technique will loosen up your whiteness.. but don’t go overboard! You don’t want the paramedics called.. You just want to land somewhere in between John Travolta and what you imagine Forrest Gump would look like if he tried to walk on ice with his leg braces… there you have it!

You’re ready for the big leagues!

Note: check out 3:23 & 3:37. He’s utilizing the toilet legs, Gump technique!