Travel Guide: Western New York

Today I want to share a hidden little gem that’s located near me

Tucked away in the hills is a quaint little town

Sobriety is a great place to take a day trip with the family. There are many fun and unique things to do there

Stop by the music shop and listen to some boring music played by dull people

Attend one of their street carnivals. Where you can weave a basket, or get your face painted like a clown

Talk to the local police. This is only fun when visiting Sobriety, don’t try that elsewhere

Maybe walking in traffic will pique your interest

Try going to the fountain in the town square. It’s a swell place to throw all the extra money you’ll find when visiting Sobriety

After all that good clean fun you will be hungry or thirsty. Head to Rick’s Pizza Shop for a slice of pie and a soda, or a spring water.

If you are looking for some souvenirs , go to the Park and Shop. Where you can buy useless junk

Sobriety is an awesome place to visit for a few hours. Heck, sometimes it’s ok to stay there all day. But don’t overstay your welcome. Sobriety will start to affect your mental state

Have you ever been to Sobriety? Is it a place you visit often? Would you consider moving there?