White Boy Reggae

Who says white peoples have no rhythm? There are a select few who can groove and flow.

Formed in 1987 in Berkely California, Operation Ivy was a perfect blend of island rhythms and punk rock energy. They played for two years and then broke up. Their enigmatic frontman, Jessie Michaels, was an artist and an educated kid. He wanted no part of life as musician. He disappeared into books and paintings for a decade. Only to come back out of nowhere and release Last Wave Rockers under the name Common Rider.

The other main force in Operation Ivy was guitarist Tim Armstrong. Unlike Jessie, Tim knew he was a lifer in the rock game. He went on to form the punk rock icons Rancid along with the bassist from Operation Ivy, Matt Freeman.

Tim owns the record label Hellcat Records, does sound production and studio work for many artists, and has a handful of side bands like the Transplants and other solo stuff. His album entitled A Poets Life is one of my favorite reggae albums of all time, regardless of color. He had a great backing band called The Aggrolites.

If awesome music is your thing, please give these songs a listen. Just be careful. It makes you wanna bob your head, and smile, and enjoy life.