• Thomas Cruise

    My pet when I said to clean yourself out for daddy this is not what I meant.

  • Thomas Cruise

    Why can’t they put warnings on these things that say nobody under 29 years of age should touch or consume!!? How will we ever protect dumb asses without it!!?

  • Steve Bashakis

    Always the connoisseur.

  • Steve Bashakis

    This is what happens when they can’t get drugs. Shameful.

  • RockMomster

    Can’t get them to eat veggies but tide is ok

  • One Mat Gang

    I snort that powder detergent that only grandma buys

  • Laundry detergent should always be kept on the very unstable shelf 2-3 feet above the washer and dryer. The shelf that always seems to have dead hornets on it.

  • I prefer tide cold water clean