What are Your Thoughts on Rose?

One of the most surprising elements of the backlash over the The Last Jedi has been the character of Rose played by Kelly Marie Tran. I wouldn’t go far enough to say that she was universally hated or anything like that, but it does seem that even people who loved the film didn’t really like the character that much. Tran has been bashed online and given a lot of racist threats. I was just wondering if Rose’s storyline was just a dud or the character actually sucked.

The only really problem I have with the character is that she was underdeveloped. We never really learned enough about her that I liked or disliked her. The relationship between Finn and Rose just didn’t really work for me. If they do have a full on romance JJ will have to do a little work on it in Episode IX. I think Tran’s performance is great and the chemistry between her and Finn is there, but when she gives him the kiss at the end of the movie it feels like it wasn’t earned. Rose and Finn are obviously involved in the Canto Bight sequence that didn’t really meet expectations with fans.

Obviously there are always the annoying politically correct people that are going to pull the race card, but I seriously want to know what you guys thought of Rose. Would you like to see more of her in Episode IX or should Lucasfilm chalk her up as a loss and move on in Episode IX?