MONDAY: White people having sex with black people in font of stupid racist people.

TUESDAY: Boba Fett and Meth — behind the scenes

WENDSDAY: No you don’t Geoge Lucas

THURSDAY: Don’t make me suck your mom’s dong you fucking bitch

FRIDAY: God’s clit might be bigger than his penis


  • Steve

    That happened to me once.

  • ThereforeIam

    Not bad work if you can get it.

  • Mr. Perfect

    I’d pay that girl $10 to jerk me off.

  • Raythedevil

    Asian/Mexican crossbreed women beating off big old white guys?

  • Steve Bashakis

    They dont? I thought that was where black rage came from.

  • ThereforeIam

    Suck it up you privileged crybaby. Life isn’t fair. Black people don’t cry when they have to watch us dance.

  • Bulgingsnake
  • Steve Bashakis

    Ok so I’m white. So if I let black people and white people have sex in front of me that makes me racist? That hardly seems fair.