Episode IX to Shoot This Summer

JJ Abrams has confirmed thanks to an article from Screen Rant that Episode IX will begin production this summer. JJ is the freshly appointed new director of the movie and he’s spent the last few months working on story ideas for the upcoming film. He only recently made a pitch for the movie that he is writing with Argo and Batman V Superman writer Chris Terrio.

If production does start on schedule it is very likely that film the will complete production with plenty of time to spare before its Christmas 2019 release date. Thanks to the director drama surrounding the film the release date was pushed back six months.

There are some new trilogy actors that are unsure if they have any role in the movie or not. I’m sure that more developments will be coming about any casting in the next couple months as things are just starting to come together for the film that could wrap up the Star Wars saga for at least the near future with no Episode X currently scheduled.