You Can Own The Last Jedi as Early as March 14th

Whether I like it or not I have to admit that The Last Jedi is one of the most polarizing films of 2017 if not the most polarizing, but now the film has ended its run in theaters for the most part and now we can look forward to owning a physical copy fairly soon.

The release date is creeping up as its been confirmed that the film will be available for digital download as early as March 14th. That means we’ve got one more month before we can watch this movie as much as we want. In most circumstances the physical releases come about 2 weeks after the release of the digital movie. So that will probably be March 27th.

Both standard and 4K Blurays are expected to be released in March, but I’d expect Disney/Lucasfilm to hold off on releasing the 3D version until Christmas so they can make money off people twice like the crooks they can be.

Are you buying The Last Jedi on Bluray?