People Who Are Probably Dicks: James Cameron

Lots of people say directing movies isn’t easy and for a director that has had as much success critically and financially as James Cameron it would be somewhat understandable if some of it went to his head. Both of the highest grossing films of all time are directed by Cameron. He’s even got a Best Picture winner under his belt with Titanic.

James Cameron is a fellow Canadian and its not very often that I hate on one of my own besides Justin Beiber, even Nickelback get a pass in my book. James Cameron has made some awesome films, but I can’t help but feel like he’s a bit of an asshole.

Cameron has been famously hard to work with. One example was one the filming of The Abyss. Cameron has a reputation for pushing his actors of a little too far in order to get the best result. While Cameron was filming a shot where Ed Harris’ character drowns and it was so realistic that Harris nearly drowned in real life while Cameron continued to shoot. It resulted in Harris punching Cameron out after the filming was finished. During the filming of the same movie Cameron wouldn’t allow bathroom breaks telling the actors to pee in their wetsuits. An order he also demanded for the cast of Titanic.

Cameron pissed one of his crew members off during the filming of Titanic that he was actually poisoned with PCP after it was put in some soup. Cameron wasn’t the only person effected by it and it ended up sending 50 people to the hospital and Bill Paxton was among them.

Despite his temper Cameron seems to be brilliant enough that people will still continue to work with him. Bill Paxton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sigourney Weaver and Kate Winslet have all come back to work with him on multiple occasions. Winslet claimed she would never work with Cameron again unless she got a lot of money, and to everyone’s surprise she joined Avatar 2 last year. He’s been called selfish and cruel by the people who have worked with him and his attitude doesn’t do anything to improve the film he’s working on.

Cameron has also been married 4 times including two short marriages to director Kathryn Bigelow and Terminator actress Linda Hamilton. Another Cameron trademark was that he often picked up a mistress during the production of one of the films.

Cameron also got himself in some hot water recently after his criticism of Wonder Woman.

He sounds like an overall nightmare of a human being.