The Big Lebowski and Heat Inspired the Han Solo Script

It could be argued that no one knows Han Solo better than Lawrence Kasdan. The screenwriter is behind some of the smuggler’s best moments as he gets writing credits on Episodes V to VII. Now Kasdan was given the task of writing a new story devoted entirely to the Solo character that he knows so well. Not only did he get to write one of his favorite characters for possibly the last time. He got to do it with his son Jon as well.

During some more of the coverage from Entertainment Weekly both Kasdan’s talked about their inspiration for the Han Solo script that has been called the greatest Star Wars script ever. Lawrence admitted that he and his son have been working on this script for 3 years and he began work on almost immediately after he completed work on The Force Awakens. Here are some of the works that inspired his work in the movie.

Treasure Island

The Kasdan’s drew some inspiration from the relationship between Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins for the duo of Han Solo and Woody Harrelson’s Tobias Beckett. I think this says a lot about what we could be possibly getting between these two characters. Hawkins is a young and slightly naïve character and his inexperience is something that Silver takes advantage of. I’ve said earlier than I feel Beckett will be the villain of the movie and this brings me even further towards that conclusion.


Michael Mann’s Heat is one of the most highly regarded heist films ever. We’ve already seen in the Solo trailer that there will likely be a train heist at some point in the film. Lawrence also said that no one in Beckett’s crew can trust each other and there is always the possibility of betrayal.


Clint Eastwood’s Oscar winner Unforgiven was a influence as well. Even though its considered to be a much darker movie than Solo will be. There is a lot of backstory to fill in before we meet Han Solo for the first time in the cantina.

The Big Lebowski

This is probably the most unexpected influence on the film. The Coen brothers’ cult comedy does have a bit more of a connection than you would think. Han Solo is stumbling into a criminal world that he knows nothing about much like The Dude finds himself entangled in a criminal world in his own film. Both will unintentionally get into some trouble.

I’m always interested in what inspires some of my favorite films. If we get a hybrid of all these great titles while inside the Star Wars galaxy this could be a really impressive story.