Jon Favreau Providing a Voice For Solo

Actor/director Jon Favreau has confirmed that he provided a voice for an alien character in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Jon posted a Twitter photo of himself with director Ron Howard and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, and Howard later stated that Favreau was doing some voice work for the movie. Howard claimed that the character is “very cool and interesting character.”

You’ll remember that we did see a small alien in the Solo trailer that was part of Beckett’s crew. It hasn’t been said if that is the character Favreau is playing or not.


Favreau has had a great history with Disney and their affiliated companies over the last decade. He became a tent pole director with Iron Man and back in 2016 he completed the almost entirely CGI retelling of The Jungle Book and he’s currently looking to do a similar adaptation of The Lion King which is already confirmed to be featuring Donald Glover and James Earl Jones.

Favreau does have such a good reputation with Disney that there is probably a good chance we see him helm a Star Wars movie at some point in his career.