Idiot of the Day: Jonathan Martin

A high school in California was shut down after a stupid faggot named Jonathan Martin showed a dumbass picture with threatening commentary on Friday morning.

According to TGO Network News, Martin was taken into custody Friday where he was taken into a small room and had his ass pillaged by detectives.

Martin was one of the weaker figures in the bullying scandal that sideswiped the Dolphins’ 2013 season. An Instagram account under his name with the following picture:



The Dolphins, Harvard Westlake — the high school he attended before going to Stanford, two agents, Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, and former Dolphins offensive linemen Richie Incognito were all tagged on the photo. It is said that Martin misses those sweet times when Incognito would rape his ass after Martin ‘would accidently’ dropp the soap in the locker room showers.

When asked for comment, Bulgingsnake said, ‘I don’t have time to talk to you! I have a learning disability!’

It is not known whether Martin himself posted the photo and disturbing words, but everyone knows that he is a Class-A cock smoker.