For Fans Of Led Zeppelin: Crypt Trip

Here is another fine example of why rock music is alive and well. All too often people make statements about “today’s music” without having an understanding of what exactly is out there today. And what exactly is out there today? Everything.

Crypt Trip is a blues-rock trio from San Marcos Texas. They play a cleaner sounding blues than many blues-rock revivalists who crank their distortion pedals to the max. Crypt Trip let the bass guitar do the dirty work, while the guitar floats on top using classic gain and minimal distortion. Add in some energetic drumming and strong vocals and you’ve got a real winner here.

Their first self-titled EP had more of a dark sound. A bit of Sabbath mixed with the Allman Brothers. This is a good sound, but somewhat standard fare these days. You can hear the seeds of good things to come, but still more bluster than substance.

but Crypt Trip grew as a band. They wrote good songs instead of just cool sounding riffs. They upped the earthiness and emotion in their sound for their second album Rootstock, released in January. They added more vocal harmonies and some psychedelic flourishes. Then sprinkled on some reverb. Crypt Trip expanded on their 70’s rock sound by both looking forward and backwards in music history. There is a bit more 60’s garage psych, with their jangly guitar tone, and some late 60’s proto-metal with jazzy interludes and fills on the drums. A touch of funk in the rhythms. Then there are some elements of progressive rock and jam band tendencies in their looser moments. Sometimes all these changes are in the same song.

In my opinion, it’s the clean, fluid guitar playing that sets this band apart from the pack.

If you are a fan of Zeppelin, Uriah Heap, Cream, or any other 60’s/70’s weed rock, here is the full album link

I hope these cats can keep their shit together and build a song catalog. Roll one up and get lost in the groove, maaaan!