National Women’s Month: Alina Li

It’s Nation Women’s History Month. And as a long-time Winner on TGO, I’ve decided to take this month to reflect. It’s no secret that we at TGO push the limits of good taste in the quest for a laugh. However, at our core we are all good people who care about our fellow men AND women. Particularly the women. Really guys, what would we do without them? Vasoline stock would go up, that’s for sure…

So without further ado, I’m going to honor the contribution that women have made to our society. Could you imagine porn without chicks? Hot, slutty chicks that will bang some dude and put it on video so that we can all watch it for free online? I sure can’t!

So let’s look at the first woman in the series that I may or may not do every day this month. Alina Li.


She’s a hot little minx. She was raised by her grandparents, and then she decided to do porn after high school. One time she did a giant gangbang with Kink and quit the industry. I think it was this one:


Ms Li went to get some Orange soda from the store because she was thirsty, and boom! Total fingering on the counter while everyone watched! After that she went away for a while, and now I think she has some website that nobody visits. Sometimes she posts on Twitter when she isn’t busy banging her illegal high-capacity machine dong or something.

So let’s thank Ms. Li for giving us tons of spank bank material, and for taking customer service to the next level even when she didn’t have to.